Bay House Girls Thrive in CREST Awards Event

Twenty-eight Year 8 girls from Bay House have actively participated in the prestigious CREST Awards, a program that promotes STEM education through engaging projects. Supported and funded by the Royal Air Force Youth and STEM team and delivered by Raising Robots at the Gosport STEM Centre, the event focused on practical applications of science and technology.

Charlotte M commented on the day’s unique learning style, <em><strong>”I have enjoyed using all of my skills like computing, design, and maths to solve real-world problems—different from usual lessons.”</strong></em> This event offered students a hands-on approach to learning, enhancing their problem-solving and technical skills.

Lucy P highlighted the teamwork aspect, <em><strong>”This experience has improved my teamwork skills and made me consider a career in the RAF.”</strong></em> Meeting new people and solving problems together showcased the collaborative spirit of STEM fields.

Eloise D C found the experience enriching, <strong>”It was fun and exciting, helping me develop engineering and problem-solving skills with robotics.”</strong> Such initiatives aim to encourage more girls to explore STEM careers, areas where they are often underrepresented.

Special thanks to <strong>Stephen Shaw</strong> and <strong>Stuart Swann</strong> for organising and facilitating this event, creating a challenging but fun and focused environment for young STEM enthusiasts.

This CREST Awards event at Bay House is an excellent example of how interactive learning and real-world applications can inspire students and pave the way for future innovations in STEM.

L Mulhall

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