School Policies


  • Admissions 2022-2023 link
  • Admissions 2023-2024 link
  • Admissions 2024-2025 link

Behaviour and Attendance

  • Attendance link
  • Behaviour Policy and Statement of Behaviour Principles 2024-2025 link
  • Suspension and Permanent Exclusion link 


  • Careers and Employability link
  • Provider Access link 

Data Protection, Privacy, FOI

  • Data Protection and GDPR link
    With exams addendum link
  • Biometric Recognition Systems link
  • Freedom of Information Publication Scheme link


  • Charging and Remissions link
  • Concerns and Complaints link
  • Equality Information and Objectives link

Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety link
    – Includes: Premises documents
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment link
  • Fire Safety link
  • First Aid Policy link

Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • Anti-bullying link
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection link
    – Includes: Approach to single central register
  • Managing allegations of abuse against staff link

Special Educational Needs and Disability

  • Accessibility policy and plan link
  • SEND policy link


  • Early Career Teachers link
  • Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure link
    Please see Staff Handbook for:
    – Capability
    – Grievance
    – Staff Discipline

Student Welfare

  • Covid catch-up link
  • Pupils with Medical Conditions link
     – Includes: Children with health needs who cannot attend school
  • Summer Offer 2021 link
  • Designated teacher for looked-after and previously looked-after children link

Teaching and Learning

  • Curriculum Strategy link
  • Relationships and Sex Education link
  • Statement of Fundamental British Values link