Curriculum Overview

Great learning happens at the intersection of a well planned and appropriate curriculum, high quality teaching, excellent assessment and positive behaviour.

We consider our curriculum to be all of the experiences and opportunities pupils have to learn as they travel through our school.  This includes taught lessons, but extends to clubs, off-site visits, events and speakers.  It is our shared intention that all pupils experience a rich and diverse curriculum which promotes curiosity and inspires a love of learning.  

We seek for  all Bay House learners to:

  • be challenged and supported by passionate and dedicated professionals.  
  • be empowered to achieve their personal goals through academic, personal and social success.
  • make informed, positive and healthy decisions about their physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.  
  • support a positive culture within school and be ready to contribute to the wider local, national and global community.

Our intention is that all pupils will have opportunities to experience success, develop skills and acquire an embedded knowledge of curriculum content. Our teaching reflects the needs of the individual learner, providing all pupils opportunities to shine.  Our curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant – giving pupils the opportunity to master skills and apply new knowledge to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

Pupils will learn about themselves whilst acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills to lead them to have informed choices in life.  Young people’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding alongside the development of British values is central to our intent.  We wish all pupils to benefit from experiencing success, and to build resilience essential for mental wellbeing from responding to failure. This intent is demonstrated through a commitment to provide equity of experience and maximise opportunity and outcomes.