Service Families

Service Child Deployment Information

To provide information on your deployment in order for the school to support your child when you are away from home, please complete our Service Child Deployment Information form HERE.

We are delighted to work in partnership with our funding partner the RNRMC and the SCIP Alliance.


To visit the Service Families website, please click here.

As a team, our aim is to help get the best out of our Service Children to ensure they have a great start in life, equipping them with tools for the future.

Mrs Lesley Ure

Community and Service Lead
Gosport Community Hub

02392 616017

Meet Our Community and Service Lead

I’m Lesley Ure, your Community and Service Lead. My role is to ensure that our school remains deeply connected with our local community and that students and families receive the support they need to thrive.

What I Do:

  • Identify community needs and drive initiatives for positive outcomes
  • Manage a dedicated team focused on community engagement and facility management
  • Generate revenue to fund our interventions and support our school’s growth
  • Forge strategic partnerships to enhance our impact
  • Advocate for the needs of our students and families on regional and national platforms
  • Coordinate pastoral support and parental network programs
  • Ensure budgetary accountability and safeguarding responsibilities

Get in Touch:

I’m here to support you and your family. Feel free to reach out with any questions, ideas, or concerns. Together, we can make a difference in our community.

Thank you for being part of our King’s Academy Bay House family.

Warm regards,
Lesley Ure
Community and Service Lead
Gosport Community Hub

Mrs Claire Rutherford

Service Children and Families Coordinator

Over the last 20 years my career has seen me working in Education from Early years settings, Primary schools though to Secondary School. I have lots of experience working with SEND and through my work roles have given support and guidance to families in and around their local community.

Being a Military wife and family myself I have a full understanding of Military life and all of the ups and downs, struggles and excitement this can bring with it.

Here within Kings Group Academies it is my responsibility to offer support and guidance to our Service Children, their Families and the Wider Community. Providing an environment where Children and Families feel supported and will be able to access resources. Supporting Families by signposting to appropriate agencies or charities making sure their needs are met.

If you have any questions or would like support then please contact me by sending an email to:

Groups and Events

The KGA Hampshire Service Community Facebook group is a brilliant platform to meet new friends and catch-up with people who you already know in the community. It’s also a good place to keep up to date with events and activities.

Please remember to answer the question and agree to the rules, then you’ll be in!

Click here to join the group

This is a 10-week Nurturing Programme that focuses on supporting parents across a wide range of parenting challenges, rather than modifying specific features of child behaviour, and is described as a cognitive relational approach that incorporates some behavioural elements. The emphasis is on empathy non-blaming communication. It focuses mostly on helping parents to understand thoughts, feelings and emotions (of both parents and children) and on the quality of the relations between the child and parents. Please complete this referral form after discussing with the parents and they will be added to the expression of interest list:, or contact Lesley Ure for further details.

We have a group of Service Children who have put themselves forward to be Service Ambassadors. The Service Ambassadors meet regularly and work together to make change. They are involved in meetings in school, transition sessions and evenings, online meetings with other professionals sharing their views and experiences.

The Service Ambassadors can be seen at events and activities wearing their Purple t shirts and Jackets.

The Service Community Youth Club is held at Gosport Community Hub approximately every other Wednesday (term time only) Posters with dates, more information and times are available on the Community Hub facebook page and the Community Hub Website.

We aim to support you to understand teenager development, ways of managing conflict and to learn problem solving strategies. Please complete the link, if you wish to attend:

Please contact Lesley Ure for further information.

Family Support

Managing a family can be amazing, but occasionally, we could all do with some additional support. If you feel that that this would benefit you and your family, then please complete this referral form.

Student Support

If you feel your child would benefit from 1-2-1 wellbeing support in school, and it doesn’t involve ELSA (as this is a different referral process through the Year Teams), please complete this referral form once you have discussed it with your child.

If you have any questions regarding Service support or are needing any advice please do not hesitate to contact Claire Rutherford Service Children and Families Coordinator on


We often request that families provide us with feedback to enable us to continually review the support that is provided to our service families across the secondary phase of the KGA. If you wish to give us some feedback then please complete this form.

Useful Links

Forces Connect

The “Forces Connect” app is designed to link users to organisations offering help and support across a wide range of services. The free app is aimed at the entire armed forces community – serving personnel, reservists, veterans and their families – as well as frontline public services staff.