Transition between primary school and secondary school is a significant life event which is both exciting and daunting, providing students with the opportunity to experience new subjects, challenges and meet new friends in a larger school environment. At the GFM, we are passionate about all pupils experiencing a positive transition as this helps set the foundation for their time at secondary school. 

Meet the team

Mrs Arnold

Mrs Arnold is the transition lead at Bay House School. It is her role to organise and support learners moving from year 6 into year 7. 

In the summer term the new year 7 year team will also offer support, visiting leaners in their current school and learning all about them. The year team offer pastoral and academic progress support for learners throughout their time at Bay House.

On the first day of school in September, our new year 7 learners will meet their tutor. They will see their tutor at the start of every school day and so they are the first point of contact for any questions or support needed.

Please visit our GFM Secondary phase transition minisite for specific transition information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding transition, please do not hesitate to contact the transition team at


Once you have been notified that you have been successful in obtaining a place for your child at Bay House School, you will be contacted by our Admissions department. They will send you all of the registration forms and details of other key information required as part of your acceptance of the place offered. Everyone who is allocated a place will be invited to our ‘Welcome to Secondary School Evening’ which is held in the first half of the summer term each year.

Work with primary/junior schools

Throughout the Summer term, our transition team will be fully engaged with the Year 6 teams in the primary/junior schools to ensure a smooth transition for each individual child. We will discuss each individual student regarding their academic levels and their social and behavioural development. This is an essential part of the transition process which will enable us to really get to know our students and to start to build positive working relationships with them, so that the pace and quality of learning are maintained and that students are able to make the very best progress they can. Learning about the whole student is important to us.

Students are arranged into mixed tutor groups ready for their September start. The Tutor will become a key adult for the student and will be someone they have daily contact with. When students begin with us, we concentrate on the messages of fresh starts, kindness to all and friendships. We encourage students to remember that they will make lots of new friends and active participation in clubs and societies will help them to settle swiftly into secondary school life.

In addition to the above, we also work closely with all junior/primary schools on the transition project work which can include work developed by the Maths, English and Wellbeing teams. The aim of the Maths and English projects is to inspire and excite students for learning at secondary school. The Wellbeing project was a new initiative for 2021 to give students the opportunity to share their thoughts on their wellbeing and will give us an insight into how they are feeling about their move to secondary school, ensuring we can provide support where required.

Transition Visits

We offer transition days to all students and these take place in July each year.  During these visits, students will experience a ‘day in the life of a Bay House student’ and will participate in a variety of lessons. For up to date information for this year please see our transition minisite.

Additional Support

We realise that transition is different for everyone and some students require a further package of support. If you are concerned about transitioning to Bay House School please do not hesitate to speak to your junior school or contact the transition team via

Please ensure that we have your most up to date email address. We will only use the email address that has been provided on your initial application to Hampshire County Council. So, if this is not up to date, please provide us with an alternative email address via Please state your child’s name, DOB and current school on any emails that you send to us.