Grouping and Setting

Principles of Groupings

At Bay House School we have considered our practice of creating and managing groups for learners. The principles on which our grouping decisions are based are;

  • All learners should be both supported and challenged so they are able to make good progress and enjoy learning.
  • Learners cannot be defined by one data point. We strive to know as much as we can about each individual and use this to plan engaging learning activities.
  • Stability is a positive influence. Whilst changing groups mid year may be the right thing to do at times, this should be minimised and used as a last resort when other options for supporting a learner in their current group have been exhausted.
  • Teachers are supported to own all the learners in their group and adapt learning accordingly.
  • As learners transition into secondary education, there is benefit to building relationships by minimising the number of different groups a learner is in. 

Overview of Groupings September 2023

Please refer to the table below which indicates the method of grouping for each subject area in each year group