Duke of Edinburgh & GoBeyond Awards

#GoBeyond Award

The GoBeyond award is a personal development programme aimed at pupils in years 7 & 8.

The programme supports them as they engage with opportunities to develop and apply skills in different contexts.  Guided and supported by their tutor, pupils complete three different sections. 

  1. Commitment – Commit to learning a new skill 
  2. Community  – Support and volunteer in the community 
  3. Challenge – Challenge themselves to stay away from home for two nights in an organised residential. 



Pupils take ownership over the completion of each section. Activities to complete the award can be accessed through the schools extended curriculum but students can also use their outside interests too.  The programme is designed to support pupils develop the ‘Foundations for Learning’ that are embedded with the schools curriculum. Students use the #GoBeyond platform to record their achievements and provide the evidence to complete the award. 

Click here for the GoBeyond student page

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

We are proud to offer the The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award Scheme.

Across the GFM we have been running the DofE award for many decades, we are an established provider and a licensed centre. We believe that the scheme is an amazing personal development experience that gives our pupils the opportunity to develop essential skills for life. With a focus on four areas; volunteering, physical, skills and expedition, the DofE expands the horizons of young people in numerous ways. For more information about the award follow this link: What is DofE?

Working together and overcoming challenges in the outdoor environment develops self-reliance and confidence, with participation in these shared experiences allowing initiative and teamwork to flourish, supporting the skills in the Gosport Future’s. Pupils are able to make a difference to the lives of those in their community, as well as learning new skills throughout the programme. For more information about the benefits of DofE follow this link: Why do DofE?

We run the Bronze Award in the lower school, for pupils in Year 9, and the Gold Award in the Sixth Form.  We are proud to have large cohorts of students taking part in both the programmes every year.

For more information about the Gold award please go to the Sixth Form page: Gold DofE 



What does the Bronze Award involve?

The Bronze Award is the entry level award and requires the completion of 4 sections. It will usually take you at least 6 months to complete your Bronze programme.

  • Volunteering section: 3 months
  • Physical section: 3 months
  • Skills section: 3 months
  • Expedition section: 2 days/1 night (plus training)

You also have to spend an extra three months on one of the Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections. It’s your choice which one and, though you can change your mind later, you should decide which section you want to do for longer at the beginning. Knowing how long you’re going to do it for will help you to choose your activity and set your goals for each section.

The programme is run with a dedicated team who will support and guide pupils through completing the different sections. Students will spend approx. 1 hour per week in supported sessions so that they can train and plan for the ‘Expedition Section’. The team will run a programme of study that will involve a practice expedition and assessed expedition so they can be successful. For many pupils the expeditions are the highlights of their school career.

Please go to www.dofe.org for more information



For further information or information about how to apply please contact Miss L Northcott, DofE Manager.

dofebronze@kgahampshire.uk or dofegold@kgahampshire.uk